Professor Andrew Luen-cheung Wong

Professor Andrew Luen-cheung Wong , being Visiting Professors of Tsinghua University / Shaanxi Normal University /  Nanjing University / Sichuan University / Shandong University / East China Normal University / China West Normal University / Shenzhen University / Yangzhou University / Xizang Minzu University / Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School / Zhejiang University / Nanjing Normal University / Ningbo University / The Chinese Buddhist Academy / Hangzhou Buddhist Academy / Sichuan Buddhist Academy for Nuns ,  Chairman, Maitreya Culture and Education Foundation Limited , Founder, Principal and Mentor of the Institute of Maitreya Studies (Hong Kong).

His achievement includes: setting up 33 Maitreya libraries on Mainland China and overseas ; published 16 books including daily practice manuals of Maitreya Studies ;  acted as Chairmans , Organising Committee of First International Academic Forum on Maitreya Studies 2013 , First Maitreya Youth Cultural Festival 2016 , First Youth Forum & Second International Academic Forum on Maitreya Studies 2018 , Chief Editors of The Complete Collection of Vijñaptimātra Literature of 72 volumes, Collection of Calligraphy by Master Taixu , Biennial Journal of Maitreya Studies 2014/ 2015 (simplified Chinese character version)  , Biennial Journal of Maitreya Studies 2016/ 2017 , Chinese translation of Research Papers on Yogacarabhumisatra. Commencing April , 2018 , he will initiate Modern Textbook for Chinese Tripitaka project , an open online publication of Buddhist classics of the best editions, with modern Chinese illustration and commentaries.

Mr Andrew Luen Cheung WONG'S C.V. Contribution to Religious、Academic and Cultural sectors AWARDS  

2015 Outstanding Leadership of World Buddhism 

2011 Medal of Honor, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


01) Chairman, Maitreya Culture and Education Foundation Limited  

02) Principal /Mentor, Institute of Maitreya Studies (Hong Kong)

03) Chairman, Organising Committee of the First (2013) International Academic Forumon Maitreya Studies    

04) Chairman, Organising Committee of the First (2016) Maitreya Youth Culture Festival  

05) Chairman, Organising Committee of the Second (2018) Maitreya Youth Culture Festival

06) Honorary Board Member, China Religious Culture Communication Associatin China

07)  Member of the Committee, Chinese Temples Committee, Hong Kong SAR


01)   Weilun Visiting professor,Tsinghua University, Beijing

02) Visiting professor,Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an

03) Visiting professor,Chinese Culture Research Institute, Nanjing University, Nanjing 

04) Visiting professor,Institute of Taoism & Religious Culture Studies,  Sichuan University, Chengdu

05)  Visiting Professor,Centre for Buddhist Studies, Shandong University, Jinan 

06) Visiting Professor, Centre for Religious Culture, East China Normal University 

07) Visiting Professor, School of History & culture, China West Normal University 

08) Visiting Professor, Shenzhen University 

09) Visiting Professor, Yangzhou University

10) Visiting Professor, Xizang Minzu University 

11)  Visiting Professor, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

12) Visiting Professor,Zhejiang University, Centre for Confucia Entrpreneurs and East Asia Civiliztions

13) Visiting Professor, Nanjing Normal Universit, Arts Faculty

14)  Vısiting Professor, The Chinese Buddhist Academy,Beijing  

15)  Visiting Professor, Hangzhou Buddhist Academx Hangzhou 

16) Professor in Maitreya Studies & Honorary Director General of Maitreya Library, Sichuan Buddhist Academy for Nuns, Pengzhou 

17)  visiting Research Fellow, Zhejiang University 


01)Advisor & Mentor for Yogacara Studies, Macau Buddhist Centre Association

02)  Executive Director, China Buddhist Cuıture Development Foundation Ltd., Hong Kong

03) Advisor, Buddhist Culture, Buddhist Association, Guangyuan

04) Advisor, Daci Monastery & Honorary President, Institute of Maitreya studies & Honorary Director General of Maitreya Library, 

Daci Monastery, Chengdu

05) Advisor, Buddhist Culture Studies Centre (Dacien Monastery), Xi'an

06) Mentor, Maitreya Cultural Communication Centre, Wuhan

07) Chief Advisor and Mentor of Maitreya Studies, Lianhua Monastery Wuhan

08) Advisor, Longhua Monastery, Maitreya Pureland, Kuaijishen, Shaoxing 

09) Deputy Director General, Guang Ci Foundation, Yunxiang Monastery, Nanxiang,Shanghai  

10) Honorary Director, The Dharmalakshana Buddhist Institute, Hong Kong

11) Editorial Committee Member, Complete Collection of Republican - Era Buddhist Periodical Literature / Chinese Buddhist 

Medical Literature

12) Editorial Advisor, Buddhist Manuscript of Professor Zhou Shujia 

13) Chief Editor, Complete Collection of Yogacara Literature  

14) Editorial Committee Member,Supplementary Collection of the Chinese Buddhist Canon  

15) Chief Editor, Selected Teaching Materials of The Chinese Buddhist Canon 

16) Collection of Doctoral Disserations on Confucism, Buddhism and Taoism,Sichuan University