Professor Andrew Luen-cheung Wong

Professor Andrew Luen-cheung Wong , being Visiting Professors of Tsinghua University / Shaanxi Normal University /  Nanjing University / Sichuan University / Shandong University / East China Normal University / China West Normal University / Shenzhen University / Yangzhou University / Xizang Minzu University / Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School / Zhejiang University / Nanjing Normal University / Ningbo University / The Chinese Buddhist Academy / Hangzhou Buddhist Academy / Sichuan Buddhist Academy for Nuns ,  Chairman, Maitreya Culture and Education Foundation Limited , Founder, Principal and Mentor of the Institute of Maitreya Studies (Hong Kong).


His achievement includes: setting up 33 Maitreya libraries on Mainland China and overseas ; published 16 books including daily practice manuals of Maitreya Studies ;  acted as Chairmans , Organising Committee of First International Academic Forum on Maitreya Studies 2013 , First Maitreya Youth Cultural Festival 2016 , First Youth Forum & Second International Academic Forum on Maitreya Studies 2018 , Chief Editors of The Complete Collection of Vijñaptimātra Literature of 72 volumes, Collection of Calligraphy by Master Taixu , Biennial Journal of Maitreya Studies 2014/ 2015 (simplified Chinese character version)  , Biennial Journal of Maitreya Studies 2016/ 2017 , Chinese translation of Research Papers on Yogacarabhumisatra. Commencing April , 2018 , he will initiate Modern Textbook for Chinese Tripitaka project , an open online publication of Buddhist classics of the best editions, with modern Chinese illustration and commentaries.